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about celia

I was reared with the belief that what modern science teaches is what a rational, intelligent, educated person accepts. "Scientific" means the empirical method, the demand for proof, the concentration on facts. Like many of us, I had been taught to ignore the intuitive and experiential aspects of life. Modern medicine can be spectacularly successful and woefully inadequate. It alternately inspires praise and condemnation. But we need more than a mechanical, technical approach to health and living. I went into the study of Chinese medicine with this in mind and also to explore my "roots." Within Chinese medicine, I found both good science and authentic wisdom.

We are matter. We are spirit. Our bodies, minds and spirits are one. There is connection between the tangible and intangible aspects of our being. This connection is Qi , the Energy that gives life to all living things.

Qigong is a component of Chinese medicine. With the study and practice of Qigong, I learned to feel the animating power of Qi, the life force that flows through me and all living things. I learned to sense the life energy in nature. The earth itself, the animals, trees, flowers, mountains, the deep ocean, all are alive with Qi and I feel an intuitive unity with all. We, human beings, are part of nature and share Qi with the rest of the universe.

Within the first thirty days that I practiced Qigong, I built up this life-giving Qi and felt it restore my health and take away the exhausting fatigue that I had felt from working 50 to 60 hours a week. Where I had been easily irritable, I was now calm and content. How can I deny these and many other dramatic positive experiences? Nurturing and working with Qi is the healing approach of Qigong. I have practiced Qigong since 1992. I wanted to share this wonderful healing modality. I wanted others to also benefit from it.

In 2002, I started serious training with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the 13th Lineage Holder of the Emei Qigong tradition. After years of in-depth study and much practice in the powerful healing methods of Emei Qigong, I was selected by him for intensive teacher training at one of the most sacred Buddhist mountains in China--Emei Mountain.

Emei Qigong draws from both Daoist and Buddhist teachings. It is a beautiful blend of the spirituality of Buddhism and the scientific teachings of Daoism. Emei Qigong's Daoist medical emphasis is on highly developed, advanced and specialized knowledge. It is profound and is beyond what is taught in Chinese medical colleges. From Emei Qigong, I have learned the principles of Feng Shui, of Chinese Astrology, of the I-Ching, of Chinese psychology. I have been taught how to help others improve their destiny, how to do karmic cleansing and so much more. Chinese tradition holds knowledge closely. It does not easily divulge its secrets. But Emei Qigong is open and shares its secrets so that man's suffering may be alleviated.

I have been a doctor of Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist in California since 1983. I continue to practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine in San Diego. I have a B.A. in Mathematics and History from U.C., Berkeley; a Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree from SAMRA Univ. of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles; and an internship and Diplomate from Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China. I have been a faculty member of the Department of Chinese Medicine at SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles; of the California Acupuncture College, San Diego, CA; and the American Institute of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA. My studies and practice of Emei Qigong have helped me maintain excellent personal health and have given me powerful tools and methods to help others heal themselves. Emei Qigong is a profound treasure and I am committed to using and sharing this ancient wisdom for the well being of mankind.

Emei Qigong Chinese medicine San Diego, CA