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- Level II Seminar -
Changing the Moving Program of Life

Overview of Level II

We are all born into this life with certain tendencies. These tendencies come from our pre-Birth Qi. They are determined by the karma that we bring into this present life. It is like a computer code that comes with us at birth. It maps the course of our life, our destiny, for better or for worse. Why is life's path so difficult for some people and smooth and easy for others? 'Why do bad things happen to good people?" Emei Qigong and Buddhism say that it is because of the karma that we have brought over from our previous life. It is the code that we are born with. However, this karma, this code can be changed in our present post-Birth life. The best way is to cultivate one's self, to return to our true nature which is the nature of the universe - kindness, truth and compassion.

In addition to cultivating our true nature, the practice of Changing the Moving Program of Life, taught in this Level II class, is an extremely powerful method for changing karma, for re-writing the code that we were born with. This code is in our Four Pillars birth chart. In this seminar , students learn how to analyze the Four Pillars chart to determine the balancing element and then learn a meditation for incorporating the energy of that element into their life. Not only do we learn how to read and change the code we were born with, but we also learn how to read other people's birth code and teach them how to change their code. In addition, students are taught how to adjust personal feng shui as well as receiving instruction in meta-acupuncture, an excellent technique for remote healing. Attendees also receive an empowerment to open Heaven’s Door and close Earth’s Gate.

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to improve their karma. We seek to Feng-Shui our home, our office so that they may be in accord with the flows of nature's energy and thus bring us good fortune and success. With this Level 2 class, we feng shui our self so that good feng shui is with us wherever we may go. Beside learning how to feng shui ourself, we can also show others how to feng-shui themselves. People who encounter many obstacles in their life despite doing what is right, people with chronic illness that stubbornly persist, and students who want to deepen their spiritual understanding are encouraged to take Level II. Typically students take Level I before taking Level II but this is not required.

Seminar dates and location

The 6 day Level II seminar is offered over two week-ends in 2010 in San Diego. The prospective location and dates are: 1919 Grand Avenue, Suite 2-J, Pacific Beach, San Diego 92109 - January 23, 24, 30, 31 and February 6, 7 of 2010 (three consecutive week-ends). Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.


$899 for the six-day seminar; $799 for registration in 2009 ($100 discount). A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required at registration with balance due the first day of class. You may pay on-line with PayPal. Please note that the meditation requires use of the empowered blanket and the large empowered jade disk, whose other uses are taught in the Level I seminar.

What to expect

It’s best to take Level I before taking Level II in order to better understand the material, however, it is possible to take Level II first and then learn Level I.

Unlike Level I, Level II is primarily a lecture-style class, and students should come prepared to listen attentively and take notes. We will take breaks throughout the day.

Emei Qigong Chinese medicine San Diego, CA